Each book sold directly off this site provides 12 meals to kids in Africa

Baptized In Game

$ 10.00 USD

Baptized In Game is the must have Self-Help / Relationship manual you will ever read on the market today. Baptized In Game is a very uniquely written instructional Manual with real street parables, that elaborates on various types of females you will meet in the dating game. Baptized in game also teaches you how to confidently approach attractive females in environments such as, clubs, supermarkets, bars and online. After reading this book,

You will have a better understanding of different women you meet.

- You will be able to categorize yourself as a man.

- You will understand the value of different woman.

- You will learn the importance of being optimistic.

- You will learn how to Peep “GAME” when someone is running it on you.

- You will learn how to read and understand body Language.

- You will also learn the different personality traits through the strength of astrology.

- You will learn how to develop swagger and increase your confidence level.

I also put together a “Fountain Of Youth Program” that is all natural and its guaranteed
to help you out in your sex life or it will help enhance your intimacy level without using Viagra, Cialis etc.

“N***** those pills are the f@$king truth, I felt like I was busting for like 2
minutes straight.”
- Larry Fox

“Yo, those pills are crazy, I was looking at a jawn (female) at my stop and I was rock hard.
It was crazy.”
- Adam Lindsay


iAfrica - Ancient History UNTOLD

$ 10.00 USD

Each book sold directly off this site feeds 12 kids in africa

Richard Schweitzer is an experienced historian. It was really a turning point in his life when the white man from Germany stumbled upon few unknown facts about the so called Dark Continent – Africa. Richard Schweitzer went on to enlist interesting facts and history of this “cradle of civilization”. This is an interesting collection of facts and figures which make us realize that the Dark Continent was so called by this name, not due to any lack of development, but our own perception of the same. This book would shed light on the bright aspects of this continent and how much it has contributed to the growth, development and spread of civilization to all nooks and corners of the globe. This book is an attempt to share this newly discovered knowledge with the world.


iAfrica 2.0 -True Black Diamonds

$ 10.00 USD


An experienced historian I have recently completed a book on the history of iAfrica titled, ‘Untold Story of Africa.’ It all started with my coming across some important facts that have been lost in oblivion about the continent and its people. On further exploration startling information came to light not only about the African continent but also about how historians and researchers over the ages have manipulated theories to deliberately degrade the otherwise rich and influential heritage of Africa.

The book discusses important yet unknown truths about the ancient Black civilizations and how they spread around the world, how the people and the beliefs of the African people have influenced different religions and how the Africans spread out into the world taking their knowledge, culture, art and architecture where ever they went. African history has helped shape and mold other civilizations over time without any due credit being given for it.

President Barack Obama - America's Only HOPE

$ 10.00 USD

This book summarizes the life history of President Barack Obama and path traveled by him to achieve his goal. You will find how Barack Obama became the president of America. In this book, you will also find different policies started by Barack Obama to improve the economy of the country. This book is written as to create awareness among the people of America to choose the right leader in the forthcoming elections.

This book gives complete achievements of Barack Obama during his rule in America. He is a man of power and understanding. You will find how he gained importance and win the hearts of Americans by supporting them and formulating right policies to make America the strongest nation of the world. The aim of this book is to help people understand the feelings of Barack Obama and how he thinks about America though he does not belong to this country by birth. But still he believes to bring a change and he has hope that with continuous efforts he can suddenly change the things with the support of people.

This book will you an insight how Barack Obama has worked hard to bring back the America to its previous position and still he is working hard to make it much better. He needs support from the people to achieve his goals. Thus, read this book and decide who should be the next president of America and believe that Barack Obama is the only hope of Americans.

The target audiences for the book are all people who are interested in US politics and welfare of the nation and want to know how Obama can help them out.


The Audacity Of Hate

$ 10.00 USD

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