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Baptized In Game - The Rebirth Of The New Millennium Man ( tips for urban dating )

$ 10.00 USD

Baptized In Game is the must have Self-Help / Relationship manual you will ever read on the market today. Baptized In Game is a very uniquely written instructional Manual with real street parables, that elaborates on various types of females you will meet in the dating game. Baptized in game also teaches you how to confidently approach attractive females in environments such as, clubs, supermarkets, bars and online. After reading this book,

You will have a better understanding of different women you meet.

- You will be able to categorize yourself as a man.

- You will understand the value of different woman.

- You will learn the importance of being optimistic.

- You will learn how to Peep “GAME” when someone is running it on you.

- You will learn how to read and understand body Language.

- You will also learn the different personality traits through the strength of astrology.

- You will learn how to develop swagger and increase your confidence level.

I also put together a “Fountain Of Youth Program” that is all natural and its guaranteed
to help you out in your sex life or it will help enhance your intimacy level without using Viagra, Cialis etc.

“N***** those pills are the f@$king truth, I felt like I was busting for like 2
minutes straight.”
- Larry Fox

“Yo, those pills are crazy, I was looking at a jawn (female) at my stop and I was rock hard.
It was crazy.”
- Adam Lindsay

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